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Here's one for you, nineteen for me....
posted Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 11:33

Ah, tax day. This year I waited until the absolute last minute to do the taxes. Only because I know just how messed up they're going to be. Working in both San Francisco and Pennsylvania will be a big pain, but more than anything I know that there are a number of deductions I should be able to take, but won't be eligible for. Like having a baby, moving for work, yadda yadda yadda. Anyhoo, that's how my Monday will be spent. So try not to bother me, okay?

I've been going on a few job interviews lately. I've noticed over the past few weeks that there are actually some jobs popping up that I wouldn't mind doing. Not bad. The two most recent positions that I've interviewed for, however, were jobs I applied for awhile ago. And I have to say that I'm equally excited by the thought of working at either company. I won't get into too much detail, because everytime I interview with someone they seem to know everything about me already from reading my Web site, but I'm told that they'll both be making a decision sometime soon, so you'll hear more about 'em very soon. Cross your fingers for me, k?

Cousin Aimee spent the weekend with us. Madi has a blast when she's here. We goofed around and ate a ton of junk food. Matt Rust blew me off on Saturday night to go out with his goonie friends, so I ended up watching Tuck Everlasting, which was Aimee's choice. Deni was trying to get her to rent Swimfan, which seemed to be a bit too mature for an 8 year old, but I watched some pretty wild stuff when I was little (and we first got HBO), so waht do i know?

Still freelancing. Ah, sweet freelancing. I've been doing a ton of work on Dean's Dreaming Ant DVD store site. That's been a challenge because there are two separate SQL databases running on two different platforms that have to talk to each other in order to synch up the data. That's running at www.dreamingant.com if you want to check it out. If you like movies that Hollywood doesn't shove down your throat, this place is for you. Do a search for something and that's what I've been working on.

Also finishing up the Pittsburgh Alpacas site... www.pittsburghalpacas.com. An alpaca is an animal that's in the same family as a camel. There are a limited number of them in the U.S., but there is a big community of breeders who are trying to develop an industry out of selling their fleece. No, you don't eat them. They're neat animals, though. That link is a just to the test pages, so don't email to tell me things don't work.

Also working with Bent Fish George on his compnay site SG Screenprinting and a new site that's going to be a cool music site. More to come on that after some serious research and business plan writing. Picking up another alpaca site and possibly another sql backend site... never a dull moment.

The Nixon Clocks are still going to play again... that show will probably be sometime at the end of the summer or in the fall. We're still trying to figure out a good time to do it. Nathan will be out on tour with his new band most of the summer and Barry and Anthony are in different states, so the logistics are a bit tough, but we'll figure it out. There may be a chance to get the Floors to play, too. So that would be a great bill. I'm trying to come up with a decent place to actually do the show... I'm not sure if we'd want to venture back into Nick's Fat City. I think everyone we knew there is gone now. I'm a bit intrigued by the Club Cafe since I found out the recording capabilities that they have there - plus it's small, so you don't need to pack the place to make it seem like a good turn out. Ha! But seriously, I'd love to put together a CD of the show if we could do a decent live recording, and they can do that. Nice. We shall see... I have some time to think it over.

I heard a Joe Jackson tune on the radio about a month ago and I was thinking to myself that no one writes tunes like that anymore. I found out on Friday that i was wrong, and that song was actually on the NEW Joe Jackson CD. What a welcome surprize that was. So, go buy that. It's actually Joe and his original band from like 20 years ago. There's also a song on it in 5/4, so that alone makes it worth buying. And don't just download it, cheap ass.

I got the whole Rich Rust Home Recording Studio all hooked up and ready to rock. I finally found some time to get the computer, the keyboard and the ADAT all talking to each other. I also went out last weekend and bought a decent microphone and boom stand and a bag full of cables. Now I just need to get my Telecaster and my POD back from Matt Dudek and we'll start recording the album of the century. Oh, yeah, and write some songs, too, I think that's probably important. Keep watching for the MP3s!

I put more pics of Madi up on her page, madirust.com so check those out. She's getting so big. Grammy Rust taought her to say "Poo Tinks" and hold her nose when she smells something bad. She also taught her to say "mmmmm" and rub her tummy when she eats something yummy. I'm still working on teaching her "No" and "Don't touch that", but in response to these attmepts, Madi is working on a number of different cute looks that she shoots me that are waaaay too cute for you to NOT let her get her way. So someone is teaching her the fine art of daddy manipulation.

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