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Alone Again, Naturally
posted Monday, August 11, 2003 at 09:25

So, the girls have left me again. No, not in a Lifetime Movie kind of way, they are visiting Kathy & Ken in Kanada this week. Let me back up just a bit…. Friday morning was a hellish continuation of the previous Sunday's Stitches Incident. This one was Stitches: The Removal, and was just as horrific as it was putting them in.

Because of the placement of the stitches, just below Madi's mouth, just about everything that she ate or drank would eventually find its way to them. One of the fun things about Bacatracin ointment is that it acts as an adhesive in some cases. What I'm getting at is that by the time the stitches were ready to come out, the wound was a bit, well, crusty. The stitches themselves were pulled ultra tight. And finally, trying to grab on the moving chin of a screaming 19-month old is a task in itself.

You could tell that the act of removing each stitch was painful, mostly because the doctor had to maneuver through the crusty stuff. Madison was NOT happy at all. Luckily, Madi must've knocked one of the stitches out during the week, so we only had to suffer through the removal of three instead of four, but I tell you, three was more than enough.

This was obviously followed up by more toy shopping.

Friday night the Breakup Society played at a "new" club in the Strip called Fat Ass or Fat Cats or something like that. I put "new" in "quotes" because it's actually Whiskey Dick's with a new paint job. And actually it looked like they didn't even do that thorough of a paint job at that. Someone decided that it would be a great idea to put up a big-ass tent next to the club in their little parking lot and call it an outdoor amphitheater. Bad idea. I guess it would have been nice if they had hired a sound company who could hear, but they must've spent way too much on radio advertising to worry about such trivial things. I should've looked a little closer at the guys running the board, maybe they didn't have ears at all. I know the one guy had a hat on, and they other was sporting an afro… that may have been it - no ears at all. Hmmm…. Anyway, it sucked, we sounded like shit, and it was a huge waste of my time. I did get to see they Buzz Poets, though. So slitting my wrists was a nice option. The Distorted Penguins played, too, they were really good. I think they should all wear matching suits, though. Some other band opened the show and they were basically Blink 183.

Saturday we visited with Paige and Madi had a chance to see the alpacas. She wasn't really sure what to make of them, but she got a big kick out of the dogs. She was giving the one dog Willie great big hugs. Deni's not a big fan of dogs, or of germs and forget about dog germs, so she wasn't too, too keen on the whole hugging scenario. But Madi likes both dogs and germs, so she didn't have any problem with any of it. She also lapsed into severe brattiness a few times, which reminds me I need to make arrangements to schedule the exorcism (since "time out" doesn't seem to do the trick).

Sat night me and Madi went down to Frank's Pizza in Ambridge. We stopped by the Rusts to give them some and so they could say goodbye to Madi.

Sunday the girls left for 8 days in Vancouver. I dropped them off around 7:30AM. They'll be back next Monday. They are staying on Victoria Island, which is the capital of British Columbia… this is all in Canada, our great neighbor to the north, in case I lost you there. Deni didn't take her birth certificate, so there's a chance she might not come back. I'll keep you posted.

Grammy Rust is also out of town. She and the sisters went on some wacky road trip to New Jersey or somewhere like that. I mean her sisters, not a bunch of nuns.

That's it for now.

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