My 32 year old husband, Rich, passed away on January 13, 2004. I was five months pregnant. The day before Rich passed we named our unborn son Ethan - because it means strength. Our daughter, Madison, had turned 2 years old only three weeks prior to Rich's death. I was completely despondent and devastated for several months. I was even briefly hospitalized. I was fortunate to have family and friends to help me through the darkest days. Rich started this website as a means of communication with our friends and family when we moved to San Francisco in 2001. We returned to Pittsburgh 18 months later - after he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.. I continue this journal now in homage to Rich. It has become a source of healing and catharsis for me. These pages are filled with the courage, strength, grace and humor of a young husband, father, son and brother. These pages are filled with love and beauty. These pages are filled with a pain and heartbreak so profound that it's a daily struggle to not let go of hope. Thank you for your continued concern and prayers. Please sign the guest book or contact me at denirust@comcast.net.
-Deni Rust

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