The Rich Rust Experience

The last time Rich and I worked together on a musical project metal bands were on their way out, grunge was in, and "Baby Got Back" ruled the charts. While we both remained active writing/performing music, it wasnt't until July 2003, that we were able to reconnect and start collaborating on new songs which also involved plenty of catching up, talking about our favorite music, and sampling some good beer.

Our goal was to write catchy pop songs with plenty of hooks, harmonies, and cool changes. Usually, we would hang out on a Monday night after work and conduct waht we called "Song-writing 101 Sessions". As these sesions progressed into the Fall of 2003 Rich's brother Matt would join in on many of the weekly gatherings, and over a period of five months, we were able to write/record 14 songs.

In February and March of this year, with the help of Matt Rust, Todd Demont, Bill Warnick, Rick Witkowski, and Craig Maloney, we were able to carefully add to the original demos (removing the robot drummer, recording real drums, addding harmonies/solos, etc,) and create a complete CD!

As you can imagine, this CD is very special to me. It really highlights Rich's talents as a singer, keyboardist, and song-writer. Also, when you listen to the songs/performances, I hope you can hear the fun we had in writing and recording these tracks.

Well, Monday nights are now a total drag, but I am truly thankful that I had the chance to work with Rich on this project and rekindle a friendship.

Thanks for listening...Rock! -John Goberish, April 2004

[taken from the Rich Rust Experience CD liner notes]

So Far Away
King of Good Intensions
Get It Together
The Metropolitan
Love is in The Sunshine Again
No One Loves You Just Like Me
Heavy Year
Sunshine Reprise
Big Star
When I Wanted You
The Burt Bacharach Song or The Most Beautiful Thing in The World
Love Finds Crockett & Tubbs
One More Second Chance
So Far Away Reprise

All songs written by R. Rust and J. Goberish except
# 6 (R.Rust/J.Goberish/M.Rust)
#9 (R.Rus/J.Goberish/M.Rust/M.Dudek)
#11 (R.Rust/J.Goberish/M.Rust/T.Demont)

Produced by Rick Witkowski and The Rich Rust Experience

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