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1The Mole that Started a RevolutionWell, here he is, the mole that caused all the trouble. This was taken a few hours after I had the inital punch biopsy done on April 23, 2001. click to view photo
2Home from the HospitalWell, here I am after the first surgery with a big ol' turban on my head. click to view photo
3Somebody Left their Gum Behind My EarWhen they removed my mole, they had to take about an inch of skin around it as well. So they cut a nice flap of skin from my leg and stitched it over the gaping hole. Then they packed it up with this wad of gross-ness.click to view photo
4Ear IcingHere's a closer shot of that wad-type-thing. You ca see the 11 or so stitches down my neck, too, where they took the lymph node for biopsy. Here's a funny thing about the wad, it's actually sewn INTO my ear. great.click to view photo
5Here Comes the Freak EarThat lovely wad of stuff also managed to push my mangled ear way far away from my head, making it look ever stranger than it should have.click to view photo
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