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Four-Day Weekend Recap
posted December 01, 2003 at 07:56

Well, I haven't updating in awhile mostly because when I type one of those super-long posts, I like to give it a few days so someone will actually read it. I figure it's safe to take it down now, huh?

Since the last post, Madison's going-to-bed trauma has decreased. She's actually slept all night in her bed every night since then. Granted, I've slept on the floors next to her, or at least laid there until she fell asleep, but she's doing much better with it. We moved all the scary monkeys and other creepy toys out of the room and Grammy Rust gave her an early birthday present yesterday which is a small television with a built-in DVD player. So, that should help her with the room anxieties.

The weekend was good, we didn't really do much. Thanksgiving was our usual Tour of the Families. We started in Greensburg early in the day at Deni's sister's house. We ate dinner there around 3 (which is more like lunch if you ask me, but we still had to go to my mom's so they accommodated us). Then after some digestion and what not, we headed to my parents.

No chocolate pie this year. That was a bummer. I had to settle for some brownies and pudding. Not the same. But it as a nice, if not tiring day.

Friday we somehow found ourselves at the mall. I vow every year to stay the hell away from the shopping area on the busiest shopping day of the year, but it never fails, I end up smack in the middle of it. We got Madi a new coat, which she needed, and we had a $20 off coupon - those are always nice. She looks like a little bear. In fact she refers to it as her "bear". I'll post a photo of her it in, it's quite funny.

I've been sick all weekend too, not sure if I mentioned that. Some kind of flu. Aches and pains, headache, tummy ache. A whole lotta not fun. Still feel pretty crappy today, too. Uggg.

On Sunday the Steelers sucked all over the place. Man, what a bunch of jerks. Sesame Street Live tickets go on sale next week. After 32 years of trying I may finally get to go! It only took having a small child and brainwashing her to like Sesame Street to get there.

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