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Rain on me
posted November 19, 2003 at 13:43

Not much happening on this rainy Wednesday afternoon. Two of the guys who work here are coming up on their last day of work, so we all took a two hour lunch to the good ol' fish market to send them off. There's a board meeting tomorrow so there's a flurry of activity around here right now. crazee.

I started adding some photos of the Rust-Stack reunion - although the Stacks would probably say Stack-Rust, those bastards! Ha, ha, just kidding, Stacks, we love you. Well, most of you. That one guy…. ooo, he's a jerk.

Jammed out last night with the dharma distractions rust brothers project. We're up to about 10 songs or so. One thing I noticed is that I can't sing them all in a row without my voice going away. Whoops. Thanks a lot, giant scar.

Tonight I got the Breakup Society practice. We have a show on Saturday at Laga. wooo.

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