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Living just enough, just enough for the city
posted January 17, 2003 at 12:00


I'm listening to Innervisions by Stevie Wonder. It was originally released in 1973, but you can totally hear how much it has influenced, oh, just about everyonein the Pop & R&B world today. Almost all of the latest R&B stuff owes just about everything to this album. Brilliant.

Still looking for a job. So if you have one, let me know. Danny's checking things out for me in sunny Florida. Maybe he'll come up with something. I'd consider moving there. Although, I'm not a big fan of the sun.

Stopped by WPXI yesterday to speak with the News Producer about a possible position. I haven't made a decision yet, but here are the details - you can make my mind up for me: I would be doing strictly content production, no coding/scripting. I would have to work Wed-Sun and probably some evenings. I would have to sign a contract (this was originally a two year deal, but it could maybe be less). And lastly, the job pays about a third of what I was making about a month ago. Oh, yeah, I'd have to give up the rest of my severance, too, cause it's a Cox company. Anyhoo, that's the decision I have to make over the next few days.

New keyboard comes today! Woohoo. I sold my other junk on eBay, so don't worry, I can afford it :) I got a Korg Triton. It has full 88-keys and they are weighted. Nice sounds, good stuff. Now I just need a band. Any bands out there need me? Let me know.

Two years ago at this time Deni and I had just arrived in San Francisco. Read all about it in my old online journal

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