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You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs
posted February 14, 2003 at 12:00

Okay, I'm a little pissed of. What exactly does the media think that it is accomplishing by freaking everyone out about a pending biological attack? I went to the grocery store last night at like 10PM and there wasn't a bottle of water in the place. I hear that you can't get a roll of duct tape without spending a few minutes in the closet with the manager of Home Depot, if you know what I mean. What exactly does the media know that we should be concerned about? Concerned enough that they feel the need to whip everyone up in to a frenzy?

Anyway, I understand that being prepared for a possible attack is a good idea, and that we should all be on alert to a certain extent, but I really think everyone's just a little over the top. Doesn't CNN feel SOME responsibility to its viewers to actually report news than sensationalize current happenings to such an extreme that they're basically creating the news themselves? That was rhetorical.

Don't even get me started on WPXI's coverage. Holy shit. I can believe anyone even watches them for more than 60 seconds. You want to see the very definition of negligence in reporting, tune in! I can usually extract about a good minute of actual news, the rest is just stuff they throw in to keep you watching. The lines between them and a show like Maury Povich are very thin. The only difference is WPXI would show you the fattest baby in PITTSBURGH. It's all about local coverage.

Had lunch with Harvey from the Floors yesterday. Mmmmm, garlic wings. (He doesn't have garlic wings, he is a human, not some type of human-bird hybrid. I ate some garlic wings at the restaurant we went to). We're going to put a Floors retrospective up on the Web, so we talked a bit about that. That should be pretty cool. If you're reading this and you happen to have any pictures of the Floors or anything related to them, email me!

Speaking of that Web stuff, I'm going to be doing the same thing for the Nixon Clocks. So again, if you have anything clocks-related, let me know. I'm looking for photos, bootleg recordings, things like that.... use the above address.

The big benefit show is still on for March 21st. It will take place at Rosebud and run from 5pm - 2am. The Nixon Clocks will take the stage around 9pm or so, the Floors are on around 11:30... all of that is subject to change, though. Tickets are currently on sale through Ticketmaster. Click here to buy some. It will most-likely sell out, so if you're planning on going you should get your tix soon. The line up right now is The Affordable Floors, Gathering Field, The Nixon Clocks, Dharma Sons, Shonuff, The Buzz Poets, Sauce, Three Car Garage, Cat Ballou, Wade and The Fabulous Gunslingers. I think I'm missing someone in there... but that's basically it.

Related to the concert.... There is going to be a silent auction to raise money for Mark's family. So, if you know ANYONE who might be able to donate something for that, please email me!!! Think, think, think.... do you know someone who owns a business or a store that might donate something like a gift certificate or a service, or has connections with a celebrity that they can get an autograph from? Anything like that will do!

Madi's teacher told us yesterday that she's a big bully. She bosses around the other kids and hits 'em and stuff and doesn't care how much bigger than her they are. Uggg. No idea where she gets that from... I'm assuming it's from Mommy since Daddy was a perfect angel (and a wuss). I'm sure there will be more updates about that coming soon. Excuse me while I get the time-out chair ready.

Still no job... someone should hire me soon. There are lots of things I want to buy.

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