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Happy Birthday to Me
posted Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 9:43

Welp, I'm now 32. Wow. That's pretty old. At least I turned 32. I think every year that I have another birthday I'll no longer bitch about feeling old. Instead I'll be happy that I'm able to see another year go by. That's the perspective I gained from the whole having cancer thing. Even my worst day is still pretty good.

Things are moving along nicely on the concert + auction front. Lots of nice stuff coming in for the event. I started to think about what the hell I'm going to play that night. I think I have two piano solos to work on. Uggg. I really have to re-learn those tunes.

I went to practice with the Affordable Floors the other night. That was pretty wild. They sounded great, which was a pleasant surprize after not playing together in like 8 years or something... I'm going to do a little backup vox with them at the benefit show. Should be fun. Steve Morrison is coming in from New Orleans (I think that's where he lives) and he's going to sing the Long Winter... since he wasn't there the other night, I took his place. It was like karaoke with the Floors. ha!

Still need a job. Got one? I don't. Been doing a bunch of freelance stuff to keep me busy though. The past few weeks I've been wrastlin' with integrating an SQL database into a site for my friend who's opening a DVD store. So far it's looking good, I just have some modifications to do. Also building something for a friend who is going to have an Alpaca farm. If you don't know what an alpaca is, stay tuned, I'll tell you all about them when I'm done. Also going to work on something for George & the t-shirt shop (That's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Got some pics of Madi back yesterday, so I'll post those within the next few days. She was sled riding for the first time (she hated it), but I have a few funny pictures of her in her snowsuit. I also got her tap shoes so she can hoof it up with her grammy. I think there are some pics of that, too.

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