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posted Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 12:10

Madison now says "Bubbles". She loves bubbles. We got in three separate arguments today about doing bubbles. She feels that we should be able to blow them anytime, anywhere. Since I'm the dad, I have to disagree and that causes all kinds of mayhem. It's really funny because she says bubbles better than any other word, so when she won't say Dad or Mom when we ask her to but she'll gladly unleash a hundred or so "Bubbles" when she spots the top of the lid of the container on the top of the refrigerator, we're now positive that she's holding out on us and can probably talk in full sentences if there were bubbles involved.

Today was a beautiful day. We did get a chance to do some bubble blowing this afternoon. I got Madi a cool battery-operated bubble blower that has four wand thingies on the top and a built in fan so when you press a button like 4 or 5 hundred bubbles come shooting out. We hung out in the front yard for a little bit doing that and taking pictures. I'll post those up here in a few days.

Earlier in the day we headed to Ross Park Mall and Madi got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Wow, did that freak her out. From a distance she was all into waving hello to this giant rabbit sitting on a park bench, but as we got closer, you could see the look of horror in her face at the thought of this thing actually touching her.

I finally convinced her that it wasn't too, too bad when these two little Chinese girls in front of us both hopped on the bunny's lap and were having a fantastic time. So I placed her on the bunny and she screamed at me for a few minutes. The bunny was no help, either. He kept placing his paw in her face, I guess he thought the fur would tickle her and make her laugh. To me it looked like a bunny kidnapper with a paw full of chloroform. I would've been freaked out too. Plus, when you think about it in relative terms, that bunny was like 5 times bigger than her. Could you imagine if you were strolling through the mall and suddenly there was a 30 foot rabbit sitting on a bench and someone wanted you to sit in its lap and get a picture taken?

The creepy photo guy was having some real issues with the camera, so he had to take like 20 pictures before he got a good one, and that one was even blurry. But I was more interested in just sort of documenting that we did rather than it being something we'd hang above the fireplace, so we got the hell out of there.

After that we went and picked out Madi's Easter dress. It's green and has a matching purse and bonnet. She insisted on the purse. Again, pictures will be here soon.

I bought the new White Stripes CD yesterday. I just had to hear it, since everything I look at lately is touting it as the greatest CD ever created since the dawn of time. They're even going to be the musical guests all next week on Conan, and if Conan likes them, they gotst ta be good right? Well, first off, I didn't really get it before... so they're married and they sound like they recorded everything without really trying... and it's drums and guitar... real raw.. ok.. whatever. I wasn't impressed really. I've played with enough really bad opening acts in my time that when I see a band like that getting a lot of press it makes me even more bitter and jaded as someone who tried to make it as a serious musician... But I'm usually really snobbish about that kind of stuff, so this time I figured I'd at least try to be open about it and listen to the disc.

It's not bad, really. I think there are some really neat tunes on it. But to be honest, it sounds like something you'd give to someone if you were thinking of starting a band "Here's a tape of some tunes that I was working on... maybe we can do something with them". What they should do is find a band of like four rock guys and Jack White should just write their tunes. Kinda of like a Badfinger deal. And one other thing I don't get... if you're going to take the time to record a piano and a couple of guitar parts multi-track, why wouldn't you put a bass in? Does he not own one or something? They're on BMG for christsakes, I think someone could lend them one. Maybe I'll form a band and just do "finished" versions of all of these nice little demos they've put together.

It's getting down to the wire on the job front. I had a second interview yesterday at potential job #2. Both job #1 and job #2 say they are making a decision by the end of this week. woohoo. Cross your fingers for me. I'm totally jazzed up about the one job, I really hope it comes through. More to come on that. I'll either be writing a really great overview of my new job or a really bitter post about how much I hate everything. So stop back.

Did the taxes. That was fun. I decided that my move home was work-related dammit, so I wrote it off. We'll see how the IRS feels about that. It made my refund about $3600, so I'm sure they're going to be calling me any second now to see what the hell I'm trying to pull. But I do have receipts and a travel log of the trip back, so it's legit! I swear!!!!

Okay, rambled enough. Must sleep. Mmmmm sleep.

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