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"Rich, this is JC - Meet me on Sunday afternoon outside the cave. I may need some help moving that rock."
posted Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 12:32

I had supper the other night with a large group of folks and that sonofabitch Judas was being a total ass as usual.

Okay, I'll stop with the lame Easter jokes. My brother always yells at me for doing the same ones every year. I usually say at Easter dinner something like "Oh, yeah, I talked to Jesus and he said he's stopping by as long as he gets that rock moved. He mentioned something about stopping by Lazarus's on the way over."... you get the idea. Well, I found out that Matt is now actually using my jesus material on his friends! That bastard! I'm telling Jesus when he drops by on Sunday. Again, as long as he moves that rock. Oh, c'mon, these are just jokes.

I was offered a job on Thursday and I'm very happy to report that I'm taking it. The money wasn't as much as I wanted (I asked for $300,000,000), but the benefits rock and the people seem nice and the work they do is great, so I'm very excited about the whole deal. The company is 3 Rivers Connect (www.3rc.org) and I'll be the Information Liaison. Kinds of a hard position to describe. Let's just say I'll be talking to lots of folks about technology and trying to get them to embrace using it to better the region. Click around the 3rc site and you'll get a good feel for what I'll be involved in doing.
I start May 1st. More stories to come, I'm sure.

Where in the hell are the Hansens?????? I know for a fact that they moved back to Pittsburgh, but do you think they would bother to call us? Sheesh! I got an email from Steve about a month ago saying that things were really hectic, they were in the process of moving in and were super busy.... so - um? Hello? Are you STILL moving in? You guys don't ever get a cup of coffee or go out to eat? I guess we know now where the Rusts REALLY fall on the "Friends of the Hansens" list. And to think we were going to name our next baby Mr Peterson. Booo, hiss, Hansens.

Well, I'm about tapped out for things to say. I watched some of Teen Wolf today. What an odd film that was. Grammy Rust and Aunt Jude went to get fish sandwiches tonight without inviting any of us. Poor Matt has been talking about going to get a fish sandwich with Aunt Jude since Ash Wednesday, and he was left fishless and Judeless on Good Friday. Now I ask you, what's so good about that?! We'll be sure to let them have it on Sunday. And I'm telling Jesus about that, too.

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