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I-i, I got work to do-o
posted Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 04:34

Welp, tomorrow is the big day, I start my new job. Woohoo. I actually went to my first meeting today, but the first day is really May 1st. Lots of cool stuff, too. I'm very excited about it. Double woohoo. Want to know more about it? click here.

There may very well be an impromptu Nixon Clocks happening on Thursday night. Barry will be in town for the day and Nathan hosts and open stage type thing over at Moondog's so we may end up over there singing some tunes or something. We'll see.

I started writing songs again. Boy that took forever to get back into doing. I got about 12 so far with another 4 or 5 in the works. They probably all suck, but at least i'm writing again. I was going to try and record some but I fired up the ADAT the other day and it gave me an error. I couldn't figure out why, and while i was online talking to Matt Rust about it, Madison walked into the room, took out a zip disk from the file cabinet, walked right over to the ADAT and jammed it into the tape hole as hard as she could, then walked out of the room. Mystery solved. Just so you know, the ADAT takes VHS-type tapes, NOT zip disks.)

Had lunch with Harvey yesterday. Always good to hang out with harv. Looks like we may hear somr more from the Floors this year. That's great news. I'm still hoping for a Floors/Clocks show, but the logistics may be difficult.

I was talking to Mike Nee this afternoon (former Clocks drummer) and I think he's right, our best bet for a Clocks show would probably be at the Club Cafe. If you used to be in the band you can play, too. Let's see if we can get all the old members on stage at some point. Ha. I would really like to get a decent multi-track recording of the core-clox tunes and that would be the best place to do it, I think.

Almost got a new tattoo today, but the joint didn't open until 1pm. I shjould've figured as much. Can't really picture a tatoo artist as a morning person.

Saw this dude Gavin DeGraw on tv last week. Piano player/singer guy. The bald guitar player from the Wallflowers and School of Fish is in his band. Pretty cool stuff.

There's also a new Terence Trent D'Arby CD out... his name is now something else, like Marakesh McNuggets or something, but he still uses the TTD moniker, too. Anyway, I happenend across it after reading the latest issue of Q magazine and bought it off of the Web site. It was $15 which includes the shipping from Italy and the whole deal was through paypal. Like he's selling these things out of the trunk of his car or something. If you like his stuff at all, the whole thing is actually available for free on his site in .wma format. visit the site.

Dharma Sons featuring Rich Rust will be playing at the Rib Fest on June 6th. Woohoo. Don't miss it.

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