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Less is More
posted Tuesday, June 3, 2003 at 11:15

Well, I'm going to redo this site again. There's so much junk on the server these days that I've been putting off doing any designing because it will take me way too long to sift through all of the old stuff. That also means that I never update any of it, and that's quite boring. There's all kinds of fun, exciting stuff going these days, too. So, anyhoo, this is the interim step in the process. All the files have been backup and moved. Now I just need to start builing out the new stuff. Stay tuned.

In music news, I am now playing in two bands. The first one is the old Dharma Sons. Somehow we were asked to play at the Rib Fest at Station Square this Friday night. Guess no one got the memo that the band isn't really together anymore, but who are we to say no? So we'll be on from 7pm-8pm. That's Friday, June 6th, for those of you wondering. In other band news, I recently joined a group called The Breakup Society. The band is headed by ex-Frampton Brother and Post-Gazette Music critic-guy Ed Masley. It's cool ensemble... straight ahead rock/pop stuff, a little on the noisy side. I'm doing my best to try and add a Steve Nieve/Old Elvis Costello element to the group by playing vintage organs and electric pianos. Our next show is June 18th at the Lava Lounge, then June 20th at the 31st Street Pub.

That reminds me, if anyone knows of a place where I can buy an olf Vox Continental or Vox Jaguar organ, please let me know. I found a few on eBay, but I keep getting outbid.

For those of you who didn't know, I'm back to work these days. The job is with 3 Rivers Connect. In a nutshell, it's a non-profit that works to further economic, social and educational growth in the region through technology projects. I'm still getting in to the swing of things, but it seems really cool so far. A lot of nice people, doing decent work to help others. No programming. Good stuff.

I checked out Rhapsody from Real Networks the other day and I must say, I love it. If you spend a lot of time on a highspeed connection, like I do at work, and like to listen to music, it's great. It streams tunes at high quality and just about anything you can think of is available to listen to. You can save the tracks into your personal library and as you search for artists, it gives you all kinds of other artists to check out who are similar in sound, are influenced by that artist, or are that artist's influence. It's something like ten bucks a month, but it's totally worht it. If you don't believe me, try it out. There's a free 14 day trial. The best part is that they have a sample playlist for just about every artist, so if you're not familliar with their work, but want to hear some stuff, you can add the sampler to your library and it's like a mini greatest hits. You can also buy a CD with tracks burned to it for 79 cents a tune, which I guess is their answer to the iTunes store. I'm not too keen on that aprt of it... what they really need to do is figure out a way to manage the tracks that you store in your library so that you can move them from your computer to your car to your home stereo to your portable device and not have to pay per track each time. That's your homework. Figure it out! Find me a Vox, too.

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