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Hurry Down Doomsday, the Bugs are Taking Over!
posted Monday, June 9, 2003 at 11:17:57

There are two separate bug infestations happening in our house right now. One is the baby ants that have come to snack on the discarded crumbs of Miss Madison Rose. They are so far isolated to the downstairs, near the sliding glass door, but as of yesterday were found walking as far in as the edge of Madi's play area. Luckily they aren't those big, juicy ants that my parents have. These are just some little, fully-squishable ones.

The upstairs visitors are a different story. I have no idea what they are, but after witnessing a large spider barreling at about 70 miles an hour from under the bed into the bathroom in full-attack-mode toward Deni's feet, I'm thinking that they are baby spiders. They are about the size of a grain of sand and are great in number. I thought at first it was a little bit of dirt on our heating vent, but upon a closer inspection, they were moving. Yuck.

Deni did some cleaning and sprayed some bug-killing potions, so hopefully that will take care of it, but that killer spider has me troubled. I hope there aren't more of those waiting to avenge their babies' deaths. Hey, if they'd pay some rent and stay the hell off of me, I wouldn't mind.

Played at the Rib Fest on Friday with the Dharma Sons. That was everything I expected it to be - white trash, bad beer, uninterested crowd. I made $65, so it was just fine by me. For those of you outside the realm of the band scene, I usually don't make any money. Somehow it either has to go back into the band for some type of expenses, or it covers gas and food, or we just plain never make anything in the first place. So, that was an added treat. I forgot they even paid bands. During the first song of the set there was a power surge that turned Rob's effect pedals off and also caused my keyboard to change sounds every time I played a chord. That was enough to freak me out for the rest of the set. Luckily, there were only about a dozen folks who came to actually see us, they rest were busy ignoring us and stuffing their big fat faces.

Not absolutely sure, but I think that might be the last Dharma show. We'll see. We talked about doing something else over the summer, but I'm not holding my breath.

In other band news, I'm still playing with the Breakup Society. Our next show is Wed the 18th at the Lava Lounge, then the 20th at the 31st Street Pub. Rock n Roll. I didn't think I was cool enough to pay in either venue. We'll see if they let me in or not on show night.

I still need a vintage keyboard. If you have an old Vox Continental or Vox Jaguar, email me!

My next doctor's appointment is next Monday. I'm into my 3rd year of cancer-free living, so I'll be interested to see what kinda test and stuff we do. Woohoo needles!

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