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The Whole is summer than the big of its parts
posted Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 10:48

I went to the Whole Foods in East Liberty today. This wasn't a big deal to me, since I was a long-time Whole Foods customer from my days in Berkeley. I was meeting Rick Witkowski tonight to pick up a $25 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano and had some time to kill, so I figured I'd wander over there and see if there was anything worth buying. I absolutely HATED the Whole Foods in California. The stinkin' hippies first of all were enough to drive one mad. And these weren't your run-of-the-mill, wanna-be Pittsburgh hippies. These are your hard-core San Francisco, "Our-parents-invented-the-hippy" hippies, stinkin' and hippin' all over the place. The store was also really small. The parking lot was a nightmare. The people inside were always sooooo mean. You couldn't go down an aisle without almost getting into a fist fight with some hippy who refused to get the hell out of the way.

Well, anyway, the point of my story is, I went into the East Liberty (or is it Shadyside) Whole Foods expecting to hate, but instead it was quite nice. Inside there was lots of room, the hippies didn't smell too bad, and the people were all really nice. I don't mean the workers either. I mean the customers. Maybe they were pumping something through the vents, but people were smiling and talking and courteous. Very strange. now they didn't have the right organic pasta sauce I wanted, or the organic espresso chip cookies, or the special chips Deni uses to make her whole wheat cookies.... but I was able to walk out of the place without wishing anyone dead, so it all evens out.

After that I met up with Ricky at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and got the Rhodes. It's in crappy shape, but for $25, you can't pass it up. I could get three times that much for it on eBay right now for just the parts, so it's definitely worth it. Then I headed over to the southside to hit the Rex Theatre. I talked to Chris and Bill over there and we've scheduled a Nixon Clocks show for October 17th (a Friday). Now we just need to make sure that the band can do it! Ha! Barry said he's fine with it, and I actually booked that date 'cause Nathan gave it to me as one he could do... so it'll be up to Ant'ny. Mark Adams already told me he was open for any date, as did Mike Nee.... there are others involved. I should have a confirmation within the next few days, so you'll be able to start telling your friends.

I miss my baby (and my wife, too). They'll be back on Monday. Sheesh, that's a long time. Breakup Society gig on Saturday at the Chevrolet Amphitheater. It's a bunch of dumb bands no one has heard of and the Buzz Poets. Should be a terrible time. Bring your skateboard, too. So Steve from the Blues Clues show has a CD out. It sounds like the Flaming Lips, and when I say "sounds like", I mean it sounds EXACTLY like them (In fact, they play on it and co-wrote some of it). If your kids liked the blues Clues, this would be a great way to freak 'em out.

I gotta take a bus to work tomorrow, so I'll probably have all kinds of stuff to write tomorrow.

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