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The Laziest Web site in Town
posted Monday, September 29, 2003 at 11:36

yes, I know, I am very inconsistent in my site updates. Let's see if I can recap what's going onů Madison is going to be a kitty for Halloween. I took a few pictures, but they were in low light so I need to do that again. She likes the costume so much that if we mention it she immediately wants to put it on then refuses to take it off. We also have to keep holding her up in front of the mirror so she can see the paws.

This Halloween should be fun since she knows what candy is, and she really likes it. Her new favorite sentence is "More Candy?". Some dentist is going to love us. The other day she saw me drinking a Coke and came up to me and said "More Coke, Daddy?". She's catching on fast these days. She also says "I WANT TO EAT!" when she's hungry.

We got outbid on that house. Not really sure how that happened considering we actually offered them more than what they were asking (that's a long story, don't bother trying to figure it out). I guess that just wasn't the house for us. We have our collective eye on a couple other ones, one of which we are seeing this evening, so I'm not disappointed about it.

It's probably way too early to post this, but Deni is pregnant. I know the last time we let the cat out of the bag early last year it bit us in the butt, but she's already telling everyone anyway, so I figured I should mention it. Madison has already informed us that she is not going to share any of her toys. "No, mine!". Sigh, this should be interesting.

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