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Two More Days Til Halloween, Silver Shamrock
posted Wednesday, October 29, 2003 at 01:47

Welp, I really have little to say. Let's start with some bullet points…

there was a Nixon clocks show recently. many people who said they were coming did not, such as James Yates and Grace Kane. You jerks. But we had some Volpes in the house, Aunt Jude and Marie, my Mom, a ton of old familiar faces. It was fun.

There are still T-Shirts from the show. If you want one, go to shop.richrust.com. There are lots of cool CDs for sale there, too.

Playing a Halloween show at Rosebud on Friday. I have no idea what to dress up as. Maybe I'll be Elton John. Young drug-thin Elton, not the older, wig-wearing queen Elton. The other guys are going as music characters, I think.

Haven't found a house yet, kind of sick of looking. I think we'll just wait until after the holidays.

I uploaded a ton of old Nixon Clocks photos to the clocks site… see them here. If you have any you would like to add there are tools there to do so.

Deni is currently 9 3/4 weeks pregnant. Things seem to be moving along nicely. I have a sonogram picture that I'll post here soon enough.

Madison slept in her bed the other night and she actually went in all by herself, laid down and took a nap. Amazing. That's normally a major fight, and she hates the thought of her bed, so I was very impressed. She knows her basic colors now, too. Although she insists that "red" is actually "Elmo".

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