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Diary of a Sleepy Guy
posted November 12, 2003 at 26:15

I've been spending a ton of time working on my Web site recently. not that anyone could really tell, but I really have! I decided that I wanted to create decent versions of all of the tools taht I use to update the site once and for all. So now I have new news scripts, journal tools, slideshow tools, all kinds of crazy junk. The hope is once I debug the stuff maybe I can sell some of it. Woo!

Anyhoo, look for more exciting things on here within the next few days. In other news.... Matt Rust and I did some recording with john from the Distrations this evening. We've been writing some tunes and recording for awhile now. I'd say we have a good 10 - 12 songs ready to go. Where those will go exactly, I'm not sure, but it will either be this Web site, or maybe a coffee shop near you. It's really 70's influenced, I'd say we're incorporating most of our influences: Beatles, Neil Finn, ELO, Hall & Oates, Wings, Stevie Wonder, World Party... all of those bands are all variations on the same thing, I think. You get the idea, right? Maybe I'll post a few of the demos here for everyone to ponder.

Went to the big Rita Lanz funeral the other night. That's my Uncle Cyr's mom. Cyr's the one who owns the Bakery on the Southside along with Aunt Vanessa. Yeah, well, Grandma Lanz passed away over the weekend, so Matt and I went to the funeral home on Monday night. I never how to act at those things, but one thing is always certain, I always find myself laughing my head off at some point. Not sure why that happens. Anyway, it's always nice to see those Lanz folks, and we got to catch up with Lyn (when she wasn't "blocking") and Criss and Tom, but it's too bad that the circumstances were what they were. I was hoping we'd get to see the Lanz Man of Mystery, Tim, but his plane didn't leave Chicago until 9ish.

Well, I think that completes my first offical test post to the site. More to come!

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