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I can't stomach this much more
posted November 17, 2003 at 07:17

Not sure if it's all the talk about Chi-Chi's or a virus or what, but I've been sick since Thursday night with some kind of stomach parasite. Not fun. On Saturday we were headed out to our niece's daughter's 4th birthday party. It was out in Plum, so it took us a good hour to get there. Once in the general vicinity, we called to find out exactly which building we were looking for and were informed that the party was actually on Sunday, NOT Saturday. Fantastic. So we packed up and headed back home.

We went to Bravo for dinner, although I wasn't really in the mood to eat, the girls were starving. We got there just before 5, so the dinner crowd was about to arrive. Now here's something that pissed me off, we were told that it would be about a 20 minute wait, but in the time that we sat and waited for a table they seated 8 groups before us because they happened to call ahead. Now, I know what you are saying, that's not unusual, restaurants take reservations all the time. But think about this, a group of people came in about ten minutes after us and were seated before us and I overheard him say that they called just as they were pulling in. So basically they put their name in via the phone probably right around the same time as we did, only because they called, they were seated first. So the lesson here is if you are going to Bravo at dinner time, don't give them your name when you get there, rather call in a reservation from the bar, you'll get seated faster.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Nemo and eating candy, well at least Madison did. Sunday we got up and tried again. This time the party was actually happening. It started at two, so we got there about 20 after. Deni's brother Butch was there already and Fallyn (Deni's niece) was vacuuming. The birthday girl, Destiny, was inside with Lexy, who also lives there (I think Lexy is 5) and they were jumping on the furniture and throwing balloons around. Needless to say this was exactly the kind of thing Madison was hoping she'd find. Deni's sister Sharon and her daughter Aimee showed up after awhile, along with an assortment of Fallyn's friends, Destiny's dad, his sister, her kids… by about 4 o'clock it was an official party. So Fallyn's roommate ran to the store to get some beverages. Ha! Anyhoo, we rushed all the kids to eat to get to singing Happy Birthday. Then Destiny opened presents and we got the heck out of there.

On the way home we were sitting at the intersection of 19 and Freedom Road. We got the green arrow to make the left there, and as soon as we started to do so, a car came flying through the intersection right in our path. Fortunately I saw him in time to stop and he wizzed by, almost hitting all of the cars turning in the opposite direction, but the car behind me rammed into us. We made the turn and stopped and there was no damage, I think they hit the spare tire on the back of our SUV, so we were fine. It scared the pants off Madi, though. The people who hit us were in good shape, too, and were equally angry with guy who ran the red light.

We stopped to feed the girls again and then went home to watch the Simpsons. I scanned in all of the Vegas wedding pics and uploaded about half of them. Make sure you check them out, it only took me 2 years to do that.

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