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The Terrible Team
posted November 18, 2003 at 12:46

Well, last night was one of the few times that I would have rather called myself a San Franciscan than a Pittsburgher, but watching those horrible horrible Steelers do a horrible horrible horrible job at playing football, I suddenly re-embraced the 18 months I spent in the Bay Area. I do wish I had some of those Crab Noodles from Jasmine house. So tell me this, what is it so impressive that the Steelers have only had two coaches in the last 35 years? anyone else think that might have something to do with the suck factor? Ah, hell, I'm not a big sports guy, but I know suck when I see it.

In other news, it feels like someone shot me in the chest. Not sure why, but I'm in pain. Don't worry it's not in the lungs, it feels like the sternum or the muscles or something. Anyway, it hurts Dammit.

Oh, I've been meaning to ask this…. so when there's an over-population of an animal species, it's okay to hunt them, right? What I'm wondering is when are they going to lift the mandate that killing a ladybug is bad luck? Those things are crawling all over our house and all I can do is smile at them and make a wish. I wish you were dead you little bastards. I think one ladybug is good luck, twenty or thirty is an infestation. And when they're flapping those little red wings in your face or crawling on you, they're no where near as cute as they seem in illustrations on little girls' socks or furniture. We need to impose an addendum to the earlier bad luck rule - like how finding a penny face up is good luck, but face down you're going to get syphilis, or whatever that one is. I'm open to suggestions that will alleviate my catholic guilt after squashing these things.

Tonight is songwriting 101 featuring John and special guest Billy Warnick. I think Matt Rust is involved in that too. As usual I'll miss the Gilmore Girls ;)

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