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The cd can now be purchased by sending an order to this address:denirust2004@yahoo.com. All proceeds after cost will go to the Friends of Rich Rust Fund.

Available for limited release 4-24-2004

Listen to King of Good Intentions, Love is in the Sunshine, and So Far Away Reprise
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Track List
  1. So Far Away
  2. King of Good Intentions
  3. Get It Together
  4. The Metropolitan
  5. Love Is In The Sunshine Again
  6. No One Loves You Just Like Me
  7. Heavy Year
  8. Sunshine Reprise
  9. Big Star
  10. When I Wanted You
  11. The Burt Bacharach Song or The Most Beautiful Thing In The World
  12. Love Finds Crockett & Tubbs
  13. One More Second Chance
  14. So Far Away Reprise

All songs written by R.Rust and J.Goberish except
#6 (R.Rust/J.Goberish/M.Rust),
#9 (R.Rust/J.Goberish/M.Rust/M.Dudek),
#11 (R.Rust/J.Goberish/M.Rust/T.Demont)

Produced by Rick Witkowski and The Rich Rust Experience
Recorded at Basement Universe and Studio L
Mixed by Rick Witkowski and Craig Maloney (Thanks guys!)
© 2003-2004


Rich Rust -
Vocals, Keyboards

John Goberish - Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Matt Rust -
Vocals, Bass

Bill Warnick -

Todd Demont -
Bass, B.Vocals

Rick Witkowski -
Backing Vocals

copyright 2004 Friend of Rich Rust