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Wow! What else can be said? The night was a success in every way imaginable. From the auctions to the t-shirt and cd sales, to the HUGE crowd and all the bands that played their a**es off, it was truly a night to remember. Thanks go out to the following people, without whom all of this would have been impossible:

Matt & Gretchen Dudek, Bree Freeman, Kathy Eury, Ben & Mona and the staff @ Nick's Fat City, George Pazin, John & Donna Goberish, Scott Kellar, Jason & Monica Bush, Grace Kane, Michelle Rudek, Kat Lally, Kim Zimmerman, Dan Tihey, Todd Heeter, Rick Witkowski, Jordan Cline @ Speiro Records, Michael Nolan, Michael Ehman, John Moschitta & Vinnie Ferguson @ Clear Channel, Lenny Diana, Pat Lucas @ Ticketmaster, Joelle Demont, Tracy Angle, Paul Eury, Marie Rembert, Matt Rust, Bill Warnick, Brian & Judy Moore, Larry Rippel, Maureen Ciarolla, Ron Volpe, Griff Humphries, John Williams, Scott Mervis @ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Justin Hopper @ Pittsburgh City Paper, Scott Tady @ Beaver County Times, The X, WYEP, WDVE, all the bands who gave their time and played with immense energy and enthusiasm, The Rust and Ciarolla families, and finally, Rich Rust, whose music and life were an inspiration to us all. We'll miss you, but we'll never forget you.

And to Deni, Madison, and Ethan Rust, we hope that this show was a fitting tribute to Rich and his music. We all love you.

The Friends of Rich Rust

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FORR Benefit Show picture taken by Larry Rippel

Dharma Sons tearing up the stage.
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